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Masterfibre - Wooden Jungle Gyms - Playground Safety (SANS)

Playgound Safety (SANS)

Code: 156

South African National Standards (SANS)

Our children are one of our most valuable treasures in life, and their safety is always a priority and a paramount responsibility. Part of the safety is to ensure that your children play on play structures and matting that comply with the act.

The South African National Standards (SANS) 51176 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 51177 of 2010 (referred to as the act) which is available from the SABS website addressing the safety requirements for play structures and safety matting.

Playground Safety Handbook

The MasterFibre Playground Safety Handbook presents safety information for public playground equipment in the form of guidelines. This handbook is expected to promote greater safety awareness among those who purchase, install, and maintain public playground equipment. These guidelines are not being issued as the sole method to minimize injuries associated with playground equipment. However, we believe that the recommendations in this handbook along with the technical information in the SANS standards for public playgrounds will contribute to greater playground safety.

All MasterFibre’s Play Equipment and Safety Surfaces is design, manufactured and installed to comply with SANS regulations.


Manufacturing Guide Lines


  • SABS approved poles are used for the structures.

  • All poles are cylindrically machined turned – evenly to have less splinters.

  • Poles that are used are SABS CCA H4 Treated.

  • All the poles that are put vertically into the soil, are 100mm thick.

  • Horizontal poles are 90mm thick, except where the swings are placed hand over hand, where 100mm reinforced poles are used.

  • We use bolt and nuts that do not stand out at the sides.

  • Instead of nails, roofing screws are used on the platforms of the structures.

  • All bolts are counter sunk for safety.


Glass fibre slides are used, which reflects less heat and solar energy than ordinary steel slides.