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Masterfibre - Wooden Jungle Gyms - Maintenance

Jungle Gym - Maintenance

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Maintaining your Wooden Jungle Gym

Timber is a natural product, and as such splitting of timber is a natural occurrence. The sun heats and dries out the timber, whilst the cold causes shrinkage, and this constant expanding and contracting / weathering leads to premature splitting and sun bleach of timber.


There is no effective way of stopping this weathering process altogether, however damage can be limited by regular maintenance and care of your timber, much like polishing your wooden furniture or painting your window frames and garage doors.


We recommend Dulux Woodgard: Dulux Woodgard Timber Preservative is a great protection for you lapas, Jungle Gyms, and other timber structures, even doors and window frames.


Varnish is not recommended as it forms a skin and promotes degradation of the timber as it traps moisture and is not ideal for application to exterior timber.


By Woodgarding your structure, the penetrating oils will retard premature splitting, water penetration and sun bleach. It also contains a preservative which will extend the life span of the timber. We recommend 3 – 4 coats of Timber - Preservative for a beautiful finish.


Maintenance Service


We have routine maintenance service which should be conducted annually on your jungle gym, i.e. 10 - 12 months after installation.


The Maintenance Service includes:


There are generic items across all jungle gyms that need to be attended to:

  • Safety and wobbling checks on structure, especially swings
  • Checking nails nuts and washers
  • Tightening and replacing where necessary
  • Re-concreting poles if wobbling at ground level
  • Checking roof and making repairs to ensure stable
  • Painting with Dulux Woodguard (or similar) for weather protection
  • Painting ends of poles to seal timber


Then every jungle gym has its unique problems that need to be attended to, and these factors impact of the pricing.

  • The time required to maintain each jungle gym differs
  • Roof repairs if timber is required
  • Floorboard slats, Support poles and handrails being checked and replaced
  • Size of structure
  • Age of structure
  • Domestic or School structure – high wear and tear or domestic usage.
  • Signs of dry rot – usually floorboards
  • Signs of wet rot – usually poles at ground level

Additional maintenance includes checking all nails, nuts and washers, tightening bolts and checking ropes for strength. The average domestic jungle gym only needs a professional maintenance check after approximately 3 - 4 years, depending on usage.

Maintenance Service Contract

In order to assist our customers in maintaining their equipment / structures, we now offer a Preventative Maintenance Service Contract, to all our existing and new clients, whether it’s for residential or commercial use.

Maintaining your equipment, with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits ensures a safe and reliable structure and will extend the life of your equipment.

Our experience in repairs and maintenance has given us the expertise to help reduce your annual cost without compromising on the safety and quality of your structures. Our Preventative Maintenance Service Contract is the most cost-effective and reliable approach to ensuring a safe, fully functional play structure with an extended life span. Our extensively trained and highly experienced workforce will ensure excellence, safety and reliability.