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Masterfibre - MasterPlay - Playgrounds - Artificial Grass Surface with Rubber Shock Pad

Artificial Grass Surface with Rubber Shock Pad

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MasterGrass - Artificial Grass Surface with Rubber Shock Pad


MasterGrass Safe fall is an affordable quality safety surfacing system designed for play areas and under playground equipment. The rubber wet pour impact layer under the artificial grass is used to eliminate the risk of turf becoming unsupported due to shrinkage that often occurs in foam systems.


Designed for use in playgrounds:


• Complies with Critical Fall Height Requirements

• Standard colour green – Optional colours available

• Visually attractive

• Self draining

• Single continuous

• Non slip, Non toxic

• Reduces the risk for concealing dangerous items such as:

  • Broken glass
  • Animal fouling
  • Sharp objects


MasterGrass – Artificial Grass Safe Fall System


Technical Specifications


The safe fall system by MasterGrass has been designed specifically to provide a high wear surface with soft impact absorption


The Rubber Wet Pour impact layers have critical fall heights ranging from 1.2m to 2.5m.



MF 1 Fall Height 1.2m (20mm cushion)

MF 2 Fall Height 1.6m (35mm cushion)

MF 3 Fall Height 1.8m (40mm cushion)

MF 4 Fall Height 2.2m (60mm cushion)

MF 5 Fall Height 2.5m (70mm cushion)


The system comprises of a Rubber Wet Pour layer which is mixed on site and trowelled over cement surface or compacted and levelled crusher dust base to depth as specified above. The Artificial Grass, is then laid over the surface. The systems provide a soft surface which is long wearing. The safe fall safety surfaces will not shrink or suffer from mechanical breakdown experienced with some other materials.


Design and Construction


Safe fall system - Critical Fall Heights 1.2m to 2.5m.


  1. The Recycled Ground Rubber Crumb is bound together with a polyurethane binder and trowelled over a compacted and stabilised crusher dust base.

       2. The Artificial Grass is laid over the Rubber Wet Pour

       3. Crumb Rubber and Sand is swept into the pile to a depth of 19mm.


Materials Specification



Denier 11000

Yarn weight per m² -850gms

Pile Height 45mm

Stitch rate per metre 150

Primary Backing - Polypropylene woven Heat Sat UV Stabilised

Weight per m² - 124gms




For High impact areas example swing path & end of slide, we recommend the installation of a “Scrapecoat” surface application.




The MasterGrass comes with a one year guarantee on workmanship, a 7 year guarantee on the performance of the System and against ultra violet degradation of the artificial grass. We recommend our 12 monthly inspection program to demonstrate your “Duty of Care” and commitment to providing a safe facility.