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Masterfibre - - Locally Manufactured


Code: 60

Rampedge                                      Size                                       Type



Black                                   670mm x 470mm              Natural/Horizontal Striped/ Diagonal Striped/Logo Coir

Brown                                 870mm x 570mm              Natural/Horizontal Striped/ Diagonal Striped

Green                                  1570mm x 670mm           Natural Only




Natural/ Horizontal Striped/Diagonal Striped Coir Mats with Rampedge

Code: 103


Dirtoff and Breede Poly Mats with Rampedge

Code: 111

Rampedge Colour                                         Size                                                     Type


Black                                                  600mm x 400mm                             Dirtoff / Breede

Brown                                                700mm x 400mm                             Dirtoff / Breede

Green                                                 1500mm x 1000mm                        Dirtoff / Breede



Rubber Duckboard Mats

Code: 112

Colour                                                               Size


Black                                                  590mm x 400mm

Brown                                                1000mm x 1000mm

Green                                                 1500mm x 915mm


6mm Rubber Moulded Mats - 600mm x 400mm

Code: 113


6mm Rubber Mats Sprayed - 600mm x 400mm

Code: 114