MasterEquestrian - Stable Matting

Insitu Seamless Rubber Matting

Seamless Stable Matting

MasterFibre Equestrian matting offers various surfacing options for stables, veterinary environments and other livestock facilities. These products are made from non-slip materials which are easy to clean, thus offering a variety of hygienic and cost-effective cladding solutions. It is suitable for housing environments for horses as well as other livestock. Masterfibre Equestrian matting has been designed with animal comfort and safety in mind, providing excellent insulation and protection. These products are particularly suited to areas housing injured and/or recovering animals. The MasterEquestrian range of matting is easy to install, hard-wearing, requires very little maintenance and is easy to repair if necessary. 

Cladding products in the MasterEquestrian range include: 

  • MasterStable – Seamless Wetpour matting
  • MasterStable – Rubber mats and tiles (DIY kits available)
  • Kick mats for stables
  • Horse boxes - Adapted matting for use in animal transportation
  • Roll mats for walkways
  • Rubber mulch buffing for arenas.  

MasterStable Mats – Wetpour 

MasterStable Wetpour is a seamless, porous cladding material made from recycled rubber chips and polyurethane binders. This rubber matting is extremely durable and easy to maintain and, since it uses recycled material, it is also an environmentally responsible choice. It is weatherproof and provides not only excellent insulation but drainage as well, making stable maintenance much more convenient. Another benefit is that it has a significant noise dampening effect – no more horse shoes knocking loudly on the stable floor. Since Wetpour forms a cushioned surface it reduces bedding costs and keeps animals warm, comfortable and safe. MasterStable Wetpour is therefore an excellent choice for flooring in veterinary environments. 

The Wetpour material is mixed and laid on site at the stable or other facility. It generally does not require any levelling to be done before application, but should be installed on a sloped floor to allow for effective drainage. In the case of very large game stabling areas, such as those found at zoos, an extra-heavy duty topcoat can be applied to increase durability.