About Masterfibre

MasterFibre was established in South Africa in 1992, with the objective of manufacturing high quality rubber matting. The basic technology we sue to produce our rubber mats were purchased in Brisbane, Australia and there has been no turning back since then. Over the last couple of years, we have developed innovative ideas, which include the manufacturing of rubber safety mats for playgrounds that make them more attractive and user friendly for children.

This innovation, however, has been just one of the many exceptional developments that have come out of our establishment. The range of MasterFibre goods has grown significantly and now includes an extensive range, from doormats and horse boxes to sport matting, ballistic products and tiles for shooting ranges. Not only has our rubber matting product range expanded, but it is also available nationwide, with certain products now being exported into the rest of Africa, and overseas in regions such as Europe and various other countries around the world.

At MasterFibre we are proud to commit ourselves to the recycling of redundant rubber fibres and manufacturing unique, high quality products, as this will contribute to the fight against global warming. Our sustainable business practices have also allowed us to offer our products at the most competitive prices, ensuring that everyone has access to rubber mats that come in a variety of designs, colours, and for countless applications.

MasterFibre is committed to strong business ethics, honesty and integrity, building long term relations with our customers and meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. We are leaders in our industry and show pride in all that we do. So, whether you are looking for a rubber safety mat, coir mat, industrial rubber mat or any other form of rubber matting, contact the industry leader, MasterFibre, to get outstanding products at good prices.