MasterFibre Warranty Policy

Masterfibre shall within one year after delivery of new goods, repair or replace failed, unsafe or defective goods. The aforesaid warranty is subject thereto that the goods supplied by the company have not been altered contrary to any instruction of the company after leaving the company's control, has not been exposed to abuse or exposed to use other than what the product was manufactured for. Any claim for defective goods must be submitted to the company in writing. Goods may not be sent back without authorization.

Skill and Reasonable Care:

MasterFibre warrants that the work will be carried out in an appropriate and skilful manner and with reasonable care

Plans And Specifications:

MasterFibre warrants that the work will be carried out in accordance with the plans and specifications. This warranty only applies if the actual contracted site complies with the plans, areas stated, and that no other construction or works effects the stated completion date or period.

Reasonable Diligence:

MasterFibre warrants that the works will be carried out with reasonable diligence calculations of provisions.

MasterFibre warrants that the sum has been calculated with reasonable care and skill, having regard to all the information supplied.


This warranty applies if MasterFibre has supplied the goods. The warranty does not apply where:

  • MasterFibre has not supplied the materials or workmanship.
  • Goods supplied damaged after delivery to site for example: flooding, vandalism or act of god, burning or introduced to petrochemicals.

This warranty does not apply if the surface or matting has been subjected to inappropriate use outside the control of MasterFibre:

  • Vandalism, burning, cutting or puncturing or where petrochemicals have been inadvertently introduced to the surface.
  • Use of vehicles on the surfacing such as bobcat or lawnmowers and/or vehicles driven onto the area.
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Design or plans that are not to Standards or legal requirements including Critical Fall Heights.
  • Lack of drainage - May factor to erosion and deterioration of site due to flooding or insufficient run off.
  • Continual exposure to sand products. Many factor to erosion and deterioration of site due to continual rubbing effect from the sands coarse texture. (Sandpaper effect)
  • Exposure to tree/shrub/plant root systems that may stretch and slit the surface.
  • Animal or human misuse.