MasterFibre Maintenance and Repairs

MasterFibre's rubber surfacing is a relatively maintenance free application. Regular cleaning is recommended though not required. In order to preserve the aesthetics of the surface, a regular maintenance schedule should be adopted. High traffic areas may require more frequent attention. The required frequency of such maintenance will vary according to the amount of traffic and the locality of the surface.


MasterFibre's rubber surfaces will endure water pressure cleaners of up to 3000 psi. However, if high-pressure cleaners are the regular method of maintenance, we do not recommend that the machine be rated higher than 2000 psi. Blower/Vacuum cleaners are often a good first option when attempting to clean the surface. This will show any indications of stains that need to be attended to separately. Industrial cleaners and solvents should not be used, as they will react with the resin and rubber, causing the matting to expand and or weaken. Domestic detergents and cleaners can be used in order to lift stubborn stains and marks. Heavy chemical spills may require the removal and replacement of the affected surface. Paint stains will need to be washed off before drying. As a porous product, dried paint stains will become hard to remove. The use of any metal apparatus and or furniture should also be avoided, or the appropriate measures taken to ensure that rust marks are not allowed to develop. Tables, chairs, a-frames etc. should have legs rust proofed and rubber capped to stop any such marking of the surface. Wooden furniture and apparatus should be properly bled to avoid timber and tannin staining of the surface underneath.


Should the surface tear or split, the area should be covered and if possible, remain unused until MasterFibre can determine both the reason for the repair and the best method to fix it. Any such situation should be referred to our office as soon as possible. Do not use any sharp-footed furniture or apparatus on the surface, as it will slice the surface. Cap all furniture feet. Avoid dragging such furniture over the surface as well. If you have any inquiries as to further maintenance, options please contact our office.