MasterFibre Matting - Rubber Matting (Commercial)

Anatomy of MasterFibre Rubber Matting

Masterfibre matting is manufactured from recycled tyres- Rubber surfacing which will stretch your imagination



Quality, Durability and Versatility

The versatility of MasterFibre matting allows us to custom make products to meet our client’s specific requirements. The raw material utilized, is of the highest quality and ensures an unrivalled array of properties; these include durability, superior insulation, versatility of products and its inherent non-slip properties. Manufactured in either porous or sealed products.

Easy to Mend

MasterFibre  matting is tough and durable offering superior resistance to normal wear and tear. Once installed, it needs little if any maintenance. Any damage is easily repaired by simply cutting out impaired areas and replacing with new MasterFibre , leaving the seamless smart surface characteristic of MasterFibre.

Comprehensive Range

MasterFibre matting is highly customizable and can be utilized to produce virtually any matting specification. Available in a range of standard products, from door mats to non-slip heavy industrial flooring, tailored to suite your needs.

Thermal, electrical and sound and static insulation

MasterFibre  matting has excellent thermal, electrical and sound insulation properties which make it perfect for application on factory and warehouse flooring, in recording studios, electrical work stations and computer.

“Wet Pour”

Our unique “Wet Pour” system means MasterFibre  Matting can be made and laid on site. It is perfect solution for number of applications that call for a permanent, non-slip, long life surface cladding suitable for large, unusually shaped or in-accessible areas.

  • Sport change rooms
  • Children’s playground safety matting
  • Gymnasium floors
  • Industrial flooring (factory flooring)
  • Ant-fatigue matting
  • Jogging tracks
  • Walk ways in sport stadiums
  • Golf club houses where spikes are used
  • Horse stables
  • Equestrian walk ways
  • Horse boxes

Environmentally Friendly

By utilising and thus reducing a significantly growing stockpile of redundant motor vehicle tyres, MasterFibre products can truly be labelled ‘environmentally friendly’.

National and Internationally Distribution

MasterFibre’s service and distribution networks stretches from Cape Town (throughout South Africa / Africa) to the East, Europe and America.

With our experienced team keeping abreast f the latest matting trends and developing new and exiting products, MasterFibre SA has expertise and experience to cover the entire country, offering Insitu, surface applications or DIY alternatives