MasterFibre Matting - Rubber Matting (Commercial)

High Density Rubber Matting (Hard Wearing)

Our rubber mats provide a consistently even and durable surface for various settings. By providing a flat surface area, rubber matting protects the area below it (wooden floors, carpets), the area above it (for use in wrestling or gymnastics) and prevents the accumulation of dirt. Rubber mats provide the benefit of safety and comfort and are environmentally-friendly.

Our range of Rubber matting products cater to a vast array of matting and flooring needs and are engineered to provide high quality solutions. Rubber mat categories include:

  • Equestrian rubber matting which is used in horse stables
  • Healthcare matting, which is used in all healthcare and sterile environments
  • Electrical rubber matting for insulation against electric shocks in computer server rooms or electrical transformer rooms
  • Anti-slip matting for gyms and indoor sport arenas
  • Car mats, which are protective customised mats used in cars, that offer durable protection

Our cost-effective pricing and quality designs ensure that you are able to find the type of matting most suited to your needs at an affordable rate.

Whether you are looking for rubber door mats, entrance mats, safety mats, sport matting, non-slip flooring around swimming pools or any other custom-designed mats, MasterFibre  has you covered. In addition to these practical features our rubber matting provides permanent resilience, walking comfort and good acoustic sound value – and is available in various models and colours.

Rubber matting offers insulation against the cold and, in addition, our designs can enhance the interior of any place you are decorating while still offering practical solutions to all your hygiene and safety concerns. With MasterFibre's rubber mats, keeping your feet firmly grounded has never been this easy.