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Dirt Trappers

The DirtTrapper is so versatile that it is not only suitable for the front door but can be used all over the home, in your car, boat or caravan and we even have sizes large enough for the front of your shop. Use it as a non slip bathroom mat, a kitchen utility mat or prevent oil stains from coming in from the garage as well. The DirtTrapper will take mud, oil, water and dirt from shoes, wheels, feet and paws. That's right, it will even keep your floor clean of your best friends’ imprints.

The DirtTrapper is machine washable and can be tumble dried again and again or it can be hand washed and air dried giving you many years of service.

The DirtTrapper has a non slip Rubber backing unlike PVA lookalikes so don't be confused by cheap imitations. PVA is not environmentally friendly nor will it last more than a few washes.

The DirtTrapper also has a low profile to best suite indoor use but can be used in an outside environment if sheltered from the elements (covered patio etc). Why not try one today? It is risk free and you could soon be another happy homeowner with the dirt on your mat, not on your floor.

  • 600mm x 900mm - front door with larger pets to avoid not being stepped on
  • 750mm x 900mm - front door
  • 750mm x 135omm - small runner for front door, sliding door or French doors

Standard Sizes

  • 600mm x 400mm - car or utility
  • 750mm x 450mm - side door or front door
  • 750mm x 1800mm - small business entrance with low traffic flow
  • 1500mm x 1200mm - shop entrance with higher traffic flow
  • 1500mm x 2700mm - shop entrance with higher traffic flow

 Colour Swatch