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Cleanstep Logo Mats (PVC Coil)

The PVC Cleanstep mat (PVC coil) is a carpet made of polyvinyl chloride resin. It uses polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material to make, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant, and other accessories. It is made based on the flaky connected base material by uniform mixing, coating or pressing and kneading technology. It can replace pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet.

Logos can be incorporated into a mat in a variety of ways. The method used will depend on a number of factors:

  • Application of mat will determine what product to select.
  • Complexity of the logo.
  • Variety of colours required in the logo.

A cut-out method of inserting logos is used in the manufacturing of our PVC Cleanstep mat (PVC coil)  logo mats.

Maintenance and Cleaning of PVC Coil Mat Carpets

  • PVC coil mat carpet only needs to be cleaned by vacuum cleaner and special mop.
  • If there are spots or stains on the PVC coil mat carpet, spray directly on the stains with general cleaning agents and soapy water, then wipe with a nylon brush and wipe the foam with a cloth, final rinse with water and clean up with a cloth or mop.
  • PVC coil mat carpet needs to be cleaned 3-4 times a year with a cleaning carpet machine to brush with wheels, water and detergent for deep cleaning. The cleaning times depend on the use status and colour. When cleaning, a little bleaching water can be added to the water to disinfect and sterilize.


Size:                     Custom

Roll Size:             1.2m x 10m

Height:                Free Standing 12mm - 14mm

Edging:               13mm PVC Edging

Material:            Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

Colours:               Colour Swatches

UV Resistant:     Yes

Application:       Interior or exterior covered facility entrances in a recessed mat well or loose-lay with Rubber Edging.

Cleaning:            Shake out regularly.                         

Traffic Grade:   High/Very High