MasterPlay - Playgrounds - Playground Safety Matting (SBR)

MasterPlay Seamless Matting (Installed/Wetpour)

Seamless Safety Matting

MasterFibre's MasterPlay is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a flooring solution that is safe, hygienic, practical, hard-wearing and long lasting. This   rubber   matting   product   is   an   excellent choice for playgrounds   and   other  recreational environments, as it boasts excellent   protective properties, while being easy to clean and maintain and also attractive, livening up the look of your playground or other recreational area. MasterPlay Wetpour rubber cladding material is mixed and installed on site, to your particular specifications and it is suitable for use on concrete, paved and asphalt surfaces. Wetpour consists of rubber chips and polyurethane binders, forming a seamless and porous rubber matting product. Its cushioned consistency has many benefits, including shock absorption – which makes it particularly effective in ensuring safety and/or reducing injuries in recreational areas. This cushioning also serves to provide a hygienic, comfortable surface, insulation against the elements and significantly reducing noise. Since it is comprised mainly of recycled materials, Wetpour is also the environmentally responsible choice.          


When used for the purpose of a MasterPlay applications a tough MasterFibre topcoat is added to the Wetpour material. This topcoat acts as sealant which makes the MasterPlay surface hygienic and easy to clean with water – it is even self-cleaning by means of precipitation in the case of outdoor applications. The product is dirt and scratch resistant and you can expect great longevity, along with convenience from this product. It is weatherproof and has a non-slip surface, further helping to ensure safety. Even high-traffic areas like outdoor playgrounds with swings and other installations will benefit from the hard-wearing, weatherproof properties of MasterPlay.


This virtually maintenance-free product is even suitable for covering areas in your playground or outdoor area where grass does not grow easily or sufficiently. MasterPlay Wetpour matting is available in a variety of colours, making this not only the most practical and ethical choice, but also one which can add an attractive element to your playground.




  • Strong continuous structure
  • Hygienic and safer for children
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Suitable for various sporting surfaces
  • Great for playground rubber surfacing
  • Fully compliant with South African National Standard for Playgrounds (SANS) for fall heights
  • Can be installed around complex playground equipment
  • Colourful, attractive appearance

Pros and Cons of Playground Rubber Surface Material


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Shock absorbency
  • Material not displaced


  • Initial cost very high
  • Subject to vandalism
  • High surface temperatures
  • Repair costsWear and tear