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EPDM - Seamless Safety Matting (Installed/Wetpour)

Playground surfacing with EPDM rubber granules.

Wetpour is a playground safety surface that is made up of a base and top rubber that are both mixed with a binder. The base rubber is a recycled tyres rubber granule and the top wearing layer is a EPDM rubber crumb. These rubbers are mixed with a PU polyurethane binder and applied to the correct specified area using a trowel.

The rubberised playground surface seamless safety floor is constructed to different specified depths as this porous system helps to protect a CFH critical fall height. Depending on the sub base it can protect up to a CFH of 0.6m to 3.0m. This safety flooring is perfect for areas such as playgrounds, play equipment areas, parks and pathways.

Wetpour or soft tarmac is the core business of MasterFibre and we have installed this product in many areas of South Africa.

The safety flooring can also be specified and designed to be in different colours and can also have graphics installed.

Surfaces with coloured EPDM rubber granules are preferred for their safety and for being eco-friendly.

Coloured EPDM rubber granules are preferred for their eye-catching aesthetics too. Figures, shapes, cartoons can be designed on playground tiles. Lines can also be constructed to show people paths to walk on or guide them to certain areas.