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Equestrimat is a flooring solution which has been designed specifically for animal transportation. This MasterFibre product will keep your animals calm and comfortable in transit by absorbing the shock and vibration caused by driving, while also protecting your vehicle.


MasterFibre equestrian matting consists of a fibrous rubber material which will be installed in a layer measuring at least 10mm in thickness in the horse box, stock truck or other transportation vehicle. A hard-wearing topcoat is added to the rubber matting, which serves as a waterproof sealant. This makes the mat strong, durable and easy to clean – simply spray the surface down with water – which extends the life of horse trailers and other animal transporters.


Equestrimat makes cleaning and maintenance of the transport vehicle very easy, while all the while ensuring a comfortable trip for your animals. Equestrimat also helps to avoid rust problems by forming a waterproof surface. When being installed, the rubber material is mixed onsite and permanently bonded to the surface of the transporter. This tough rubber matting has non-skid properties and a hard-wearing surface, which is abrasion resistant.


Commercial horse transporters need an Equestrimat with a thickness of 10 - 15mm. Equestrimat rubber mats will protect your animals from injury and also keep them warm during transit by providing a soft, cushioned surface which will keep them warm and calm. This comfortable and calm environment will also reduce animal fatigue, a common problem when transporting horses. The cushioned surface has a significant noise dampening effect, reducing the clamour generated by horseshoes stomping on the trailer floor. This also protects the floor of the transporting vehicle against heavy knocks and strikes from unruly animals, thus extending the transporter’s life.


Besides horse boxes and stock trucks, Equestrimat is also suitable for use on horse floats, as stable mats, horse walkers and racecourse grounds.