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Cricket Pitch Mats

A suitable cricket surface is critical for optimum performance in every match and MasterCricket’s outdoor and indoor cricket mats allow for ideal terrain conditions in any season. MasterCricket is a durable, non-slip and low maintenance cricket mat that is highly cost effective. Our cricket mats are available in two types: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor cricket pitch is a practical, safe and shock-absorbent surface for playgrounds and fields.  The indoor cricket pitch, also known as a roll down mat, uses a two part polyurethane adhesive to adhere to surfaces and is ideal for sports halls, gyms and indoor cricket nets.

Advantages of the cricket mat:

  • Available in full size and practice net size – or it can be made to a custom size
  • This outdoor mat is a permanent fixture and therefore does not move with play and is safeguarded against theft
  • It is easily repairable as damaged parts can be replaced when needed, instead of the whole mat
  • Stones do not get caught underneath the MasterCricket surface – providing a smooth and safe environment for children’s playgrounds
  • Play on MasterCricket will not be delayed after rain as it is engineered for free-draining
  • MasterCricket is designed to allow accuracy in bowling - just as it would in a natural turf pitch.
  • Suitable for all levels of cricketing – from playground games to official matches.

Clean it easily by either sweeping or hosing the surface:

  • Ideal for spin bowling.
  • Provides a batting and bowling experience that is virtually identical to that of a natural turf.
  • Installation is a two day process with a waiting period of 48 hours before play.

MasterFibre provides a wide variety of quality cricket mats for your specific needs.