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Artificial Cricket Pitch—a Great Playing Surface for the Sport of Cricket

Year-round play on grass can prove costly to maintain. Especially when water prices are sky high and water rationing is in effect during a drought. Thus, an artificial cricket pitch made from synthetic turf is the answer. With an artificial cricket pitch, you get a green field 365 days a year. There is no need to worry about weather or water affecting the playing surface. No matter the forecast, the game can be enjoyed in any season. For the best quality artificial cricket pitch, trust the experts at MasterFibre SA.

Synthetic Cricket Turf Is the Future

Why is synthetic cricket turf gaining in popularity? Pro and recreational players alike have nothing but great things to say about faux grass. It is known that dampness can affect the bounce of the ball. This results in official matches being delayed or cancelled. A synthetic cricket turf is designed to drain rapidly in rainy weather so the surface will be game ready in no time. A smooth, level playing field offered by artificial turf also can limit injuries. Grass can get divots, get cut-up or provide uneven surfaces causing twisted ankles and much worse. A soft, no-crumb rubber ground is a lot more forgiving when diving, sliding and even running. And in terms of the actual play, the speed, spin and bounce of the ball can all be affected by an inferior lawn. Synthetic cricket turf provides a more pure game that is much more fair and fun.

Cricket Fun Facts

  • Cricket originated in England around the 16th
  • It is the world’s second most popular spectator sport behind soccer.
  • The most avid fans are from the UK, Australia, South Africa and India.
  • The name of the game could have been derived from several sources: “cricc” or “cryce” meaning crutch or staff in Old English, “criquet” meaning wooden post in French or “krick” meaning stick in Middle Dutch.
  • The field is often oval, but the official rules don’t specify a specific shape.
  • The ball made of hard leather is stitched like a baseball.