MasterSport - Golf

Practice Mats

Step 1:

The MasterGolf green grass insert mat 700 x400mm x (28 to 30mm) thick is the mat off which the golfer plays the ball. The Grass Mat is used by both right handed and left handed golfers.

Hard wearing top layer 8 - 10mm thick. Shock absorbent and impact resistant layer 15 - 20mm thick. The rubber mat is 1600m x 1100mm x(28 to 30mm thick). The vertical and horizontal lines assist in positioning the feet relative to the ball and the club face.

 The right stance is vital if the ball is to be hit in the desired direction. Please note that the rubber mat has not been designed to hit off and can be damaged by clubs striking its surface.

Step 2:

Align the MasterGolf practice mat at right angles to your intended target. Make sure that the horizontal lines running on either side of the hitting surface line up directly at your target. All other horizontal lines are now parallel to where you intend to hit the ball.

Step 3:

Make sure that the three holes are at the top of the mat. The first hole is for teeing up when using your Driver or other Woods. The second hole is used if you require teeing up when using Irons. Right-handed players do not use the third hole. Left-handed players use this when the whole MasterGolf practice met is rotated 180 degrees. Fairway Woods and all Irons can be played off the tee Green Insert Mat.

Step 4:

Place the ball on the tee, or on the Green Insert Mat surface, aligned with a horizontal and vertical line. A horizontal line gives you the direction of aim and helps you to align yourself to the intended line of flight. Vertical lines indicate the position of the ball in relation to the placing of the feet. Ensure when hitting of the green mat that the ball is placed at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. When using the tee the ball is automatically lined up correctly. Your club head should be aligned behind the ball parallel to the vertical line the ball lies on.

Step 5:

Usually when a right-handed player uses a Driver of Fairway Wood, the ball is aligned on the inside of the left heel. Use the appropriate vertical line to place your feet accordingly. The same is used when hitting Fairway Woods or Irons off the surface of the Green Insert Mat. However, the placing of the ball can differ for each individual. For further guidance consult your local golf professional.

Step 6:

Position the feet, either square, open or closed in relationship to the intended line of flight. Monitor the start of your backswing by following the horizontal lines.