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MasterSport - Gym Flooring

MasterSport represents our range of gym mats designed specifically for use in home or commercial gyms. It is available in varying thicknesses and finish types, making it easy to find the ideal solution for your gym.

MasterSport Gym Flooring can be applied either as a porous or sealed surface. The porous option is often used for run-ups to long jump pits, as a boundary for hockey fields or as a base for warm-up or stretching areas. 

The sealed alternative of MasterSport is perfect for basket ball and indoor gyms. In order to guarantee maximum lifespan, we have developed a revolutionary topcoat which is able to withstand even the heaviest traffic, while also protecting the MasterSport surface that it is applied to. This coating is so tough it can even be applied to the walkways of ice rinks, which have to handle ice skating blades. 

MasterSport is used extensively in sporting change rooms either as a ‘wet pour’ or as DIY MasterFibre tiles. MasterSport gym mats are perfectly suited to free-weight training areas in gymnasiums and will act as protection for the floor and reduce the noise of heavy weights that may be dropped. The pour-on option is very popular for those looking to acquire an advanced surface for a jogging track. MasterSport not only provides superior traction to avoid slips, it also cushions the running impact for joggers, helping to protect against possible sporting injuries.

We’re entirely confident in the versatility, durability and non-slip properties of MasterSport flooring, particularly in high traffic areas. That’s why our flooring was chosen for Cape Town Stadium and at Planet Fitness – Table View, two globally respected sporting facilities.