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No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs you money and time. For example, watering your lawn makes up approximately 70% of your water bill each month. Fertilizers keep the grass green but not the inner pocket of your wallet. Lawn maintenance services are convenient but certainly not cheap. If you don’t have a service then you lose your free time on the weekends, pay high fuel prices and maintain expensive lawn equipment.

What is that worth?

It’s time to cut your high-water bills, lose the expenses of maintenance and fire the lawn service. It’s time for MasterGrass for your landscape. The MasterGrass Landscape System is designed to help you control all the costs associated with maintaining your lawn. It gives you the perfect green lawn you’ve always wanted and puts a little more back in your wallet.

Large Selection of Artificial Turf Products

MasterGrass artificial grass products are technologically advanced. So many choices … so many possibilities.

The Envy of the Neighbourhood

While Dave and Jennifer next door are out pulling weeds, mowing the grass, baking in the hot sun, you’ll be out on the back deck soaking up the rays and enjoying a glass of iced tea. Having the best lawn on the block was never this easy.

Save Water … Save Money

On average, the typical household in South Africa uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on the lawn. Water conservation has become a major concern in this country.







Unlimited Uses


The possibilities are endless with MasterGrass artificial grass. Let your imagination be your guide.


Manufacturer Backed Warranties


From raw materials to your front yard, we do it all. We warranty every product we sell and every installation we put in the ground.