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Bicycle Track (Playground)

Insitu Bicycle Tracks (Installed)

Masterfibre bicycle / scooter tracks are designed to suit any area, large or small and can be designed around existing structures. Our bicycle / scooter tracks are constructed from concrete base with wetpour rubber as a finished surface. This surface reduces the severity of injuries, noise and is a non slip surface in both wet and dry situations.

Many different designs and colours can be used to create a range of tracks with all types of road graphics and signs. Colourful and realistic road graphics are added and include crossings, centre lines, arrows, speed limits and parking bays. Speed humps and 3D shapes can also be added to create a more visual and interactive learning experience while the children are having fun. 

Each bicycle / scooter track is individually designed with the school to ensure that every track meets the school’s requirements and budget.